Payment delay issues? Have not receive payment for several months?
You may follow the steps below:

1.Prepare an official letter with the doctor signature and include the information below to

  • Doctor code
  • Worker name
  • Worker code

2.Your email will be forwarded to the person in charge and the respective department.
3.The respective department will cross check with the respective bank before you receive a reply from us.

E payment form

We have introduced e payment form for you to fill up and send it to us at
You may download the e payment form from the MERTS system and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Login Merts system
Step 2: Click bulletin
Step 3: Search e payment form
Step 4: Download the form
Step 5: Email to

Learn more on the benefits of e payment

  • Your payment receive will be fast and efficient via online transfer
  • You will not face any issues on the lost and damage for the bank cheques

Change bank account details
Is there any possibility for FOMEMA to pay the professional fee from company account to my personal account or vice versa?
Learn how to change the bank account details with FOMEMA and follow the step below

  • Send an official email to informing us on your request and the email will be sent to the relevant department for further action.