Appeal registration process:

  1. For case allowed to appeal, employer will be notified via email advising them to submit an appeal within two (2) weeks from the certification date.
  2. Registration of appeal can be done either through Employer/ Agency Portal at
  3. Employer/ Agency can monitor the progress of the appeal case via respective Portal at
  4. All appeal cases will be resolved soonest possible once the documents completed and case will be closed if no documents received after 4 weeks.

Appeal Registration via online portal:

Step 1: Go to registration history and find your worker name and click appeal
Step 2: tick the terms of Service & Privacy Policy check box
Step 3: begin
Step 4: fill in appeal reason
Step 5: create appeal
Step 6: appeal submitted and the appeal case will be listed in the Appeal for viewing

Kindly be informed appeal registration will take 3 to 5 working days.