Rekalibrasi Tenaga Kerja /Recalibration Program

Recalibration Program (Repatriation)is an initiative by Government of Malaysia for undocumented illegals (overstayed; entered and stayed in Malaysia without a valid pass or violated conditions stipulated in the pass) repatriated voluntarily back to their country of origin. This program commences effectively from 16th of November 2020 until 31 of December 2021.

Are your workers registered with Rekalibrasi Tenaga Kerja (RTK) / Recalibration program?

The same procedure applies for recalibration program worker. Below are the documents required for Recalibration worker.

  1. Copy of passport
  2. Copy of RTK approval slip from JIM

As long as you have this two (2) document you are good to go!

Check your medical results

How to check your worker’s medical result?

Step 1: Login to
Step 2: Go to medical result tab
Step 3: Select your “Search type” as worker code or passport number

Step 4: Fill in the blank with your search criteria and click on “Search”. You may search up to 10 workers at a time.
The worker result will show as below:

You may also view the details of your worker such as worker name, passport number, country, Date of Birth and gender.

The details displayed are similar to the data sent to the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Examination Date: The date of the worker went to the clinic to carry out medical examination.

Certification Date: The date of clinic transmits the result to FOMEMA.

Learn more on what your medical status means

  • Pending Select Clinic- Please go to “Registration History” and select clinic
  • Pending Examination- Please proceed to the selected clinic to undergo medical examination
  • Pending for Lab/ X-ray Transmission- No result transmitted from Lab/ X-ray
  • Pending Certification- Medical clinic is yet to transmit the result to FOMEMA
  • Certified Transaction- Clinic has transmitted the result to FOMEMA, please expect result in 3-5 working days after the certification date.
  • Review- The result is still under review by FOMEMA
  • Unsuitable- The foreign worker is not fit for employment
  • Suitable- The foreign worker is fit for employment, you may proceed for permit renewal
  • Expired- The medical result of the foreign workers has exceeded 180 days from the examination date OR The validity of medical form has expired.
  • Cancelled– Employer has requested for refund
  1. How to appeal

Appeal registration process:

  1. For case allowed to appeal, employer will be notified via email advising them to submit an appeal within two (2) weeks from the certification date.
  2. Registration of appeal can be done either through Employer/ Agency Portal at
  3. Employer/ Agency can monitor the progress of the appeal case via respective Portal at
  4. All appeal cases will be resolved soonest possible once the documents completed and case will be closed if no documents are received after 4 weeks.
  1. Check your appeal status
Appeal SubmittedApplication for appeal has been registered and the officer of the case is reviewing the case.
Additional TestCase has been reviewed by the officer in-charge and for additional tests to be carried out.
Document CompleteAll forms/results has been received and case will be submitted for the next Appeal Committee hearing (weekly basis).
Awaiting ApprovalThe case is being reviewed by Appeal Committee.
Closed appealThe case has been closed either as successful or unsuccessful*. Kindly proceed to Immigration Department of Malaysia for further action.
To print the appeal decision letter, please click “Decision Letter” button.
*Reasons for unsuccessful appeal: 
1. Additional test results are abnormal.
2. Documents for appeal process not complete. 
  1. Cases allowed for appeal

  1. Cases not allowed for appeal


  1. Getting started (Registration portal)

Explore and experience various features in our FOMEMA Web portal!

Our FOMEMA web portal allows user to

  • Search employer
  • Search worker / Add worker
  • Purchase medical form
  • Purchase insurance
  • Purchase insurance and medical form together
  • Request to amend foreign worker’s information
  • Guide to agency annual payment fees
  • Generate invoice for the registration made online
  • Request to refund for the registration made online
  • Check online medical result
  • Check appeal status
  • Update agency information
  1. Are you a new user (Agency)

If you are a new user please follow the steps below

  • Click sign up
  • Enter the email address
  • A confirmation email will be sent from to the registered email address and you may click on the link
  • Fill up the registration form to be panel FOMEMA Of FOMEMA Sdn Bhd and submit the following documents required
  1. Company’s registration document (SSM/ Form 9)
  2. Company’s registration document (Form 49)
  3. Licence (JTKSM)
  4. NRIC of Director
  5. NRIC of Contact Person in Charge perform worker’s registration
  6. Identity document issued by JTKSM
  7. Company Authorisation Letter

Note: You may upload only valid files (JPG, PNG PDF). 

     The total sizes of all files are limited to 10 MB

  • Click submit and the approval within 2 working days.
  • You will receive email from once the registration has been approved.
  • You will receive the agency code and click the link provided or copy and paste the URL to activate the account
  • After the account has been activated then you can proceed with agency payment fees.
  • Click on the agreement attached at your email, fill up and courier to us to the following address:


Support Service Department
Lot 49 & 51, Jalan Kampung Pandan,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

  • The copy of the stamped agent employment agreement will be sent via email to the registered email address
  1. Forgot your Agency code / email address?

This page will allow agency to self-check their agency code

Agency is required to fill in their NRIC number /License number for your security, we will ask you a few questions to verify that you are the owner of this account.
3 verification questions shall be:

  1. License number
  2. Agency name
  3. Registered phone number

After all the security questions, agency code and registered email address will be displayed

  • Search employer

Have you ever come across “No record found” after entering the employer code?

Please follow the steps below and provide the following information and documents.


  • Company SSM- Form 9
  • Company SSM-Form 49
  • Company email address
  • PIC Name
  • PIC Contact number


  • Employer’s IC copy
  • Employer’s email address
  • Employer’s contact number
  • Agency annual payment fees

 Learn more on how to proceed with the agency annual payment fees

Have you ever come across “You have pending payment for agency registration/ renewal Please make payment?

New registration fee: MYR 300

Renewal registration fee: MYR 100

You may need to click show > edit the payment > choose the payment method available.

Payment method option available

i. FPX – B2B Corporate- Company bank account

  1. FPX – B2C Consumer- Personal bank account

Note: Agency shall not have the access to the system if the agency fee is yet to be made

  • Edit worker details 

Your worker has renewed his/her passport? You wrongly input information? Edit and update your Foreign worker’s details here!

You will receive a notification to your registered email address once the info has been updated within 3 working days

Step 1: Please login to

Step 2: Go to register worker > click amendment

Step 3: Edit old information and replace with new information > select amendment reason

Step 4: Upload document

Step 5: Click save

If you are facing any error during online amendment, please email to us below documents:

  1. Download & fill in Request to Amend Foreign Worker’s Information form:
  2. A copy of passport (old & new)
  • A copy of work permit
  1. Screenshot of online amendment error message

Suggestion: This page will have an e-form that allows user to input details instead of filling up the form manually.

     FW amendment e-form

  • Date of request
  • No tel
  • Email
  • Employer/ agency/ company name
  • State (by selecting state, the e-form will be sent to the respective FOMEMA Regional Offices’ email accordingly, e.g user select state Johor thus e-form will be sent to
  • What do you want to update? Please tick (√).- Name, Passport number, Nationality, DOB, Job type
  • Amendment reason
  • Workers name
  • Workers code
  • Old details
  • New details
  • Upload passport and permit
  • Agree to the PDPA/ Notice Of Personal Data Processing terms and condition6.6.
  • Manage and update your account (Agency account details)

Learn more on how to update your details

You may update certain of your details through web portal. Click on the user icon, on the top right -hand corner, and click “Profile”.

Amend the info then click “Save” button. The changes will affect immediately

For critical information such as agency name, NRIC/ ROC, email address, you need to email to below document

  • Official letter to update agency’s information (the letter should indicate new information to be updated, your agency code, contact number and signature)

Please note that the process will take up to one (1) to three (3) working days.

  1. Manage and transfer your worker

Learn more on how to request to transfer your worker. 

Have you ever come across “Duplicate registration, registration is not allowed”? 

This error occurred due to the worker was previously registered using another employer code. 

You need to email to below information. Agency will be notified via email after the worker has been transferred to your worker list  

  1. Individual:
  • Email subject: Transfer worker to worker list (insert your employer code here)
  • Employer code (user name)
  • Agency code
  • Copy of employer’s NRIC 
  • Copy of passport 
  • Copy of work permit/ Maid online slip/ Calling VISA/ RTK approval slip from Immigration Department of Malaysia
  1. Company:
  • Email subject: Transfer worker to worker list (insert your employer code here)
  • Employer code (User name)
  • Agency code
  • Copy of passport for each worker
  • Copy of work permit/ Calling VISA/ RTK approval slip from Immigration Department of Malaysia
  • Copy of SSM (Form 9) 

8. Get your insurance here (Purchase insurance) Individual or employer

Learn more on how to purchase your insurance via FOMEMA web portal in a few simple steps.

You can choose to purchase insurance only or to purchase medical form and insurance at once

Purchase insurance only.

Step 1: Go to “Search employer”

Step 2: Enter the employer code

Step 3: Click Search

Step 5: Tick the worker you wish to purchase the insurance for > Click “Purchase Insurance”. You will be directed to the payment page.

Purchase Medical Form and Insurance at once.

Step 1: Click on “Purchase Medical Form” first and the page will direct you to the payment page.
Step 2: Tick on the checkbox for the worker you wish to purchase insurance and click on “Add-on Insurance”

Step 4: Select the insurer name. Two insurer name options available.

  1. Liberty Insurance Berhad (policy turnaround time 1-3 days)
  2. Etiqa General Insurance Berhad (policy turnaround time 3 – 5 days)

Step 6: Once the insurer name and insurance product has been selected click calculate to check on the insurance premium.

Step 7: The summary of the insurance premium will be shown above and to proceed click “Confirm & Pay”

Step 8: Click “OK” if you agree to the terms and condition.

Step 9: Select your payment method or click here for guide to make payment.
Step 10: After payment is successful, you will be directed to the payment page and the following instruction will be provided for employer to complete the insurance details.

Step 11: A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address by the insurance company for you to click on the link provided to complete the insurance details.

Step 12: Invoice will be issued by Howden insurance broker

Example of email from Howden

Good news – we have received your payment. 

Please find the attached herewith copy of our Invoice and Receipt for the transaction.

In order for us to process your policies, please Click here to update the missing insurance fields. eg: Work Permit Id, Work Permit Expiry, Insured For*.

At the page link you may do any one of the following to update:

1. Click ‘Edit Worker’, to edit the details one by one for each worker, then click ‘update’ to submit ; or 
2. Click ‘download’ to download the template in excel file where existing worker’s data will be readily available at the template. Once all information is updated (please make sure all fields are completed, no empty data), click ‘upload’ and ‘update’ to submit.

*Note that for the field ‘Insured For’, the answers should be any one of the following only:
C – Calling Visa Application
P – Renewal of Work Permit (PLKS)
S – Special Application Consented By KKM

We will process your policy immediately upon receiving the complete updated information from you. To avoid delays in the policy issuance, we strongly suggest that you complete updating the information as soon as payments are made.

Once you done update the required information, you may check your policy status from time to time via

If you have any questions at all, we would love to hear from you. You may call or WhatsApp the following number Customer Service Number: +603-7989 0386 or email us at

Thank you. 

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