Why we cannot choose the same doctor as in the previous year?

The chosen doctor may have achieved the stipulated quota for the year;
The chosen doctor may not be in service with FOMEMA temporary or the doctor is no longer in practice.

Could FOMEMA direct or instruct which doctor that we should choose?

No. It is the responsibility of employers to choose the doctor for their Foreign Workers’ for Medical Examination. To facilitate the selection by employers, detailed listings of the panel of registered doctors are publicly displayed at all FOMEMA Regional Offices or at Doctor Availability page. We stress that, FOMEMA and its staff are not responsible for the selection. Disciplinary actions have been taken against those found doing so.

Why FOMEMA could not transmit the results immediately after we have paid the registration fees at FOMEMA Regional Office?

At that point in time there are no results to transmit. Foreign Workers must undergo the required medical examination at the chosen Doctor’s clinic and X-ray centre before the doctor can submit the results to FOMEMA. We advise the employers to start the process of medical examination early to avoid unforeseen circumstances or delay.

Why does FOMEMA registered doctors and X-Ray centres insist on us presenting the original passport?

It is crucial for the purpose of verification of the identity of the Foreign Workers under this mandatory Health-Screening Program. FOMEMA has detected attempts by irresponsible parties/employers using substitutes to undergo the Medical Examination on behalf of unhealthy workers. It is our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that doctors must not carry out the medical examination unless the identity of the Foreign Worker is ascertained.

Can we use FOMEMA medical card or Immigration card or our company employee identification card for this purpose?

Only the original passport is the legal document for the purpose of identification under this mandatory Annual Health-Screening Program.

Can we use the photocopy of the original passport for verification of identity of the Foreign Workers?

No, it is not valid for the purpose of this crucial procedure of identity verification.

We are disappointed that your panel of doctors cannot expedite the medical examination process?

We wish to explain that a doctor is physically only capable of carrying out a limited number of medical examinations per day. As a guide, a through medical examination based on our standard format of medical examination takes about 15 minutes to complete. Therefore, we advise employers to make an appointment with the doctor concerned to schedule the medical examination of their workers if they intend to bring a large number of workers.

Why does FOMEMA certify my workers unsuitable when our specialist doctor, after repeating the examination, confirm that my workers are fit to works?

The medical examination under FOMEMA is a screening program and not definitely diagnostic in nature. The criteria used for certification of Foreign Workers’ Health status are determined by the MOH and FOMEMA adheres strictly to them. Doctors who are not as FOMEMA panel for the Foreign Workers’ Health-Screening program may not have the criteria for certification for SUITABILITY FOR EMPLOYMENT IN THE COUNTRY. A doctor may have the opinion that the worker is fit to work at the time of medical examination despite having detected the likelihood of a Communicable Disease. Common examples are medical results of workers having indication of Pulmonary Tuberculosis (PTB) or old PTB which may re-activate anytime after the medical examination. In such cases, the benefit of the doubt is given to the country and not the Foreign Worker. As such, under the criteria set by the Ministry of Health, the worker will be certified as UNSUITABLE FOR EMPLOYMENT where there is an indication of communicable diseases even though the diseases are not active at the time of medical examination.

Could we select the X-ray clinic of our choice?

When the employers choose the registered Doctor, the X-ray facility has already been pre-assigned to that doctor as indicated in the FOMEMA Medical Examination form. The X-ray clinics are assigned to the doctors when they register with FOMEMA, based on criteria set by the Ministry of Health taking into account the independence of operation and the integrity necessary under this Annual Mandatory Health-Screening Program.