FOMEMA Medical Examination

Why must we go through FOMEMA?

FOMEMA is an agency appointed by the Government of Malaysia to assist the Ministry of Health, Malaysia in the monitoring and supervision of the mandatory health screening of all legal Foreign Workers in Peninsular Malaysia and Federal Territory of Labuan. The main objectives of the programme is to ensure that the health security of Malaysian citizen is well guarded by curbing the risk of spreading of infectious diseases from Foreign Workers and by reducing the potential burden on public health facilities in providing treatment to Foreign Workers with uncontrolled chronic diseases.

We have been told that our professional worker (expatriates) need a medical checkup before working in Malaysia. Does the worker need to go through FOMEMA Medical Examination?

FOMEMA Medical Screening is catered for (blue collar) workers only. Expatriates do not need to go through FOMEMA Medical Screening.

When will the medical status of my Foreign Worker will be available at Immigration Department?

Under normal circumstances, FOMEMA will be able to transmit the certification of the medical status to the Immigration Department Headquarters within 10 working days from the date of examination by the doctor of your workers. (Please take note that it is not from the date of registration with FOMEMA).

If a worker is certify as unsuitable, is there any time frame for the employer to send the workers to their origin country?

FOMEMA is responsible to determine whether the worker is suitable or unsuitable. Kindly refer to the Immigration of Malaysia regarding the time frame to send a Foreign Worker back to their origin country.

Why Foreign Workers with a high sugar level/ diabetic is unfit?

Diabetic Mellitus (DM) is a chronic non-communicable disease. Any Foreign Worker with DM will require long-term treatment and follow-up. This will indirectly reduce the worker’s productivity because the worker will need to go to health care facility frequently.