Your worker has renewed his/her passport? You wrongly input information? Edit and update your Foreign Worker’s details here!

You will receive a notification to your registered email address once the info has been updated within 3 working days

Step 1: Please login to

Step 2: Go to register worker > click amendment

Step 3: Edit old information and replace with new information > select amendment >reason

Step 4: Upload document

Step 5: Click save

If you are facing any error during online amendment, please email to us below document

  1. Download & fill in Request to Amend Foreign Worker’s Information form:
  2. A copy of passport (old & new)
  3. A copy of work permit
  4. Screenshot of online amendment error msg

Suggestion: This page will have an e-form that allows user to input details instead of filling up the form manually.

Foreign Worker amendment e-form

  • Date of request
  • No tel
  • Email
  • Employer/ agency/ company name
  • State
  • What do you want to update? Please tick (√).- Name, Passport no, Nationality, DOB, Job type
  • Amendment reason
  • Workers name
  • Workers code
  • Old details
  • New details
  • Upload passport and permit
  • Agree to the PDPA/ Notice Of Personal Data Processing terms and condition.