Learn more on the quota distribution per year for all the panel clinic.

Each of your clinic will be provided 500 quota per year and it will be distributed on pro-rated basis.
1st January to 31st March= 125 quota
1st April to 30th June = 125 quota
1st July to 30th September = 125 quota
1st October to 31st December= 125 quota

Have you utilized the 500 quota given and require more quota as employer wants to visit your clinic for the medical examination?
Notes: Only Employers are allowed to send the request for the increase quota
Decisions on additional quotas request are strictly based on approval by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

Step 1: Employers may fill up the request form for increase in clinic’s annual quota
Click to download form here

Step 2 : Official email request together with the form can be sent to cs@fomema.com.my

Step 3 : The relevant department will reply your email and inform the clinic as well once the quota additional quota request has been approved by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.